An American tradition of Korean Zen

The Detroit Zen Center is an urban residence in Hamtramck for monks and students, who provide instruction and meditation to the public.  All are welcome.

Founded in 1990 as a branch of Sudeok-sa, a 1,300 year-old temple in South Korea, its mission is "to provide a place for the study and practice of Zen Buddhism through meditation, manual work and the arts".  Our Abbot and founder Hwalson Sunim is 73, and has been a monk for over 40 years.  He trained extensively in both North America and Korea.

We offer a Sunday introduction to meditation & talk, morning and evening meditation periods, retreats, seasonal zen courses, weekly yoga classes, & support ourselves through Living Zen Organics -- a prepared food business, buying club & store.

For further inquiry, contact the Director at 313.366.7738 or