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Summer Training

Expand and explore your true human potential!

Sponsored and held by the Detroit Zen Center.

July 1—31, 2013

 Apprentice with Zen Buddhist monks & students.  Develop strength of body, mind & character through a structured lifestyle of meditation, yoga, nutrition; manual work, art & service.
Gain clarity of purpose and life direction.

 $600.  Limited space.  Program designed for students.

Includes room, board, camp & vegetarian-organic meals.  Scholarships available.

Sunday, June 30:  Arrival & Orientation Meet the staff and your fellow students.

 July 1—20:  Daily Schedule

 Daily Meditation & Yoga practice

 Weekly Organic Farm Trip & harvest; weekly community service at a local non-profit.

 Manual, Garden & Artistic projects.

 Learn, study & discuss eastern philosophy and how it might be useful within modern American life.

 Teachings & program oversight by a 40-year zen monk; full-time guidance by monks & trained staff.

 Sustainable lifestyle:  compost, reclaim & recycle, cook from scratch.

 Community Living:  Practice & study effective communication & deep listening.  Work together as a team.

 July 21—24:  Zen Meditation Retreat  A meditation retreat done in near total silence.

 July 26—31:  Peace Camp  An annual camp hosted by the Ann Arbor Zen Buddhist Temple on Friend’s Lake in Dexter, MI.  This camp has over 100 people, ongoing for more than 20 years with lots of fun and activities.

 July 31:  Clean-up Camp; Closing Dinner & Farewell

For details or an application, contact us by phone or email:  313.366.7738