Living Zen Organics

Since 2010, Detroit Zen Center monks & students operated an organic & plant-based cafe, store & food distribution business through the Zen Center.  It has been a way to support the Center & to promote & model healthy eating. 

But primarily, it has been a small but sincere response to the deeply interwoven personal & global issues around food: poverty, fresh food access & education, food deserts, overuse of pesticides & antibiotics in feed, crops & factory farming, the ethical issues of animal farming & its direct link to climate change, processed food addiction leading to global epidemics of diabetes, obesity, etc., and so much more.

Unfortunately, o
ur cafe & organic food business closed on March 19, 2019, due to Covid and its restrictions.

However, the pause has given us room to consider how to serve the community in a way that is more meaningful in the realm of food & health.

We are currently pivoting.  As an interim start, we are now offering short term health-focused stays at the Detroit Zen Center.  Please check the page 'Zenstay'.  We will continue to explore ways we are capable & drawn to serve.

We deeply appreciate all the support & overwhelming positive response received over the course of 10 years of very challenging but meaningful work.  Stay tuned! 

30,000 lbs of kale served!

Our saturday night cultural event was a