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Living Zen Organics

In 2008, we launched an organic, vegan & community based cafe, store & food distribution business.  It was a way to support our Zen Center, offer students and some neighbors jobs & a means of supporting themselves, and a chance to promote health in our neighborhood -- Hamtramck -- the most diverse yet economically poor community in Michigan. 

It was also a small yet sincere response to the deep, interwoven local & global issues around healthy food access, education, the wealth gap, Detroit's food deserts, animal farming & its direct relationship to environmental destruction, pesticide/antibiotic use in food, etc.  In our neighborhood, the relationship between eating a diet of highly processed food and the epidemics of diabetes, obesity, depression & a host of other illnesses is on full display.

We closed our cafe & food distribution business on March 19, 2020, with Covid and its effects as the catalyst.  We welcomed this as an invitation to move into a more sustainable & holistic model for a future community business,  integrated with our mission and view.  In taking our time, the next incarnation will be an evolution forward.  In the gap between the past & future of Living Zen, we've offered pop up meals & events from time to time, with announcements via facebook, instagram & our email list.

Closing Thoughts...

The depth of our crisis as a species was hinted at by Covid.  Food issues reflect only a corner of this crisis.  We are working now toward a clearer view of how best to serve in these times.  
We appreciate the support, and may we join together in the work!  

30,000 lbs of kale served (so far)!

Our saturday night cultural event was a
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