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DZC is a small volunteer-based non profit organization, supported by donations from patrons & guests.  Those with hardship or not using online payment platforms, please contact us for alternative arrangements.  All welcome.  313.366.7738
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Schedule & Events Calendar

Sunday Public Meditation, Talk & Tea:  10-11:30am
(registration required; includes instruction for beginners)

Meditation:  Tues-Fri 7AM; Tues/Thurs/Fri 7PM
(prior attendance of Sunday Meditation required)

Together Action Work Days:
Thur, Fri & Sat:  10am - 4pm, please rsvp below



Please wear comfortable clothing to meditation sessions, with subdued colors.  Please refrain from wearing perfumes or heavily scented soaps or cosmetics, shorts, and tank tops.  We remove shoes before entering the meditation hall, and stow personal items (phones, purses, etc.) in cubbies inside the entrance room before coming into the meditation space.  Please arrive 15 minutes early your first time here for meditation.

PUBLIC TALKS:  Come as you are, but please turn off cell phones.  Shoes are removed before coming into the hall, and there are cubbies to stow personal items.

Parking is available on both sides of Mitchell & Casmere Streets,, which form our corner.  Additional street parking is available at the parking lot on Jos. Campau & Casmere, next to the Little Caesars Pizzeria.  

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