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Zenstay Program

& Retreats


Zen students operate a Zenstay Guest Program in the historic residency adjacent to the Zen Center main Hall.

We welcome guests to book a private room, or reserve the 3rd floor loft apartment, for personal retreat.  During Zenstay guests are provided with organic, plant-based breakfast & optional lunch, and have access to but not obligation the morning & evening meditation or service schedule.  Guests can spend their day helping out with projects around the Center, or have private time.  Our neighborhood is very walkable, and the most diverse community in the midwest (Hamtramck is home to 32 ethnic groups in its 2.5 square miles).

You can book your Zenstay either through Airbnb, or through our website.  Details are below:


Practice in the spirit of traditional Zen monastic life for a few days, together with monks & students.  A daily schedule of meditation, communal organic vegan meals, functional silence & private instruction with the Abbot provide the basic rhythm of zen retreats. 


Retreats are fundamental to any zen study, offering unique & invaluable time to deepen our own minds & meditation practice, and to set aside our usual self-driven lifestlye in favor of a simple, clear lifestlye. 


Newcomers to zen practice should:

1.  Attend an introductory session if living locally.

2.  Fill out an application.

3.  Schedule a meeting with the Director.


We offer one day, weekend, & 5 day retreats at the Detroit Zen Center, & at our hermitage in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.


Traditional Zen monasteries observe 90 day intensive retreats in summer & winter.  Our monastics, having trained at our home temple in South Korea, & do their best to translate the spirit of monastic retreat for western culture . 


To apply or see our retreat schedule, please follow the links below.