The Detroit Zen Center
An American Zen Community with a Korean lineage

Founded in 1990, the Detroit Zen Center is a branch of Sudeok-sa, a 1,300 year-old temple in South Korea. Its mission is to promote peace within individuals and society by teaching Zen Buddhist principles and meditation.  Our Abbot and founder Hwalson Sunim has been a monk for over 40 years, with extensive training in North America and Korea.   

An introduction to meditation is given by the monks on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings, and is the best way to get introduced to Zen Buddhism, meditation, or the Zen Center itself.  After attending an introductory meditation, a beginner can then attend the other meditations held through the week.

There is no formal membership.  The Detroit Zen Center relies on donations by guests and students.  As a 501(c)(3), donations are tax-deductible.

Our monks support local and organic farms, promote sustainability and access to low-cost nutritious food by operating an organic food business: Living Zen Organics.

For further inquiry, contact the Detroit Zen Center at 313.366.7738 or

      Special Events

at the Living Zen Cafe.
Sunday May 24, 11 - 1
Come celebrate Buddha's Birthday!
RSVP helpful.  Call/e-mail.
$15 buffet, coffee, tea, special pastries.

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(First Saturdays of each month)

Saturday June 6, 9am-4pm
All Welcome!  Gardening, tea house renovation, Kim-chi making, etc.
Lunch is 12-1pm, so please come before or after that.  RSVP helpful 313.366.7738.