The Detroit Zen Center

A Living Tradition

Founded in 1990, the Detroit Zen Center is an American Zen community.  Our mission is to provide a public place for the study and practice of Zen meditation & living art, and to nurture and model sustainable community.  We are a branch of Sudeok-sa temple in South Korea. Our Abbot Hwalson Sunim is a monk with 40 years of training in North America and Korea. 

"Zen is the practice of becoming a true artist, a true human being.  As a true human being, our entire way of life, mind and body, are our art.  Conversely, for a zen student, our life is our art, a way to express the genuine fulfillment and peace we find by dissolving our individual selves, which is achieved through the practice of meditation and concentration.  So then, whatever our walk of life, plumbers, painters or what have you, we are  artists, true human beings, and we promote peace in the world in whatever we do."
                                     --Hwalson Sunim, DZC Abbot 

Here's what we offer:

--'First Sundays' (by registration only): an introduction to zen practice & vegan brunch held the first Sunday of the month from 9am-12pm.  Though designed for beginners, all are welcome.  Meditation instruction is given by resident monks, followed by group meditation, a Dharma Talk & diaolgue.  It ends in the cafe with organic vegan brunch served at 11am.  Please call or email us to register.

After attending 'First Sunday' folks may attend any other Sunday meditation.  To attend week-day meditation membership is required.

Stools, benches or mat seating is available.  The donation to attend 'First Sunday' is $20, or $15 for students/seniors, and includes brunch. Other Sundays are a $5-10 donation.

--Weekday meditation for members.  Membership is by monthly donation, for anyone who has attended a 'First Sunday'.

--Intro to Zen Coursesd

--Silent retreats every month (weekend or 5-day).

-- Residential apprenticeship

--Rental of private rooms in the adjacent residency (Sangha House), available by application.

--An onsite artisan cafe & market, Living Zen Organics, a non-profit business that supports the Center and employs students & neighbors.

--Public Yoga classes on Saturday mornings; Taoist Yoga on Tues, Wed & Thurs mornings.

--Cultural events & artistic performances are held seasonally, by local & international artists.

Please check the 'Calendar' for times, dates and details.  For a residency or apprenticeship application, please contact the Director.

As a non-profit organization,  The Detroit Zen Center relies on donations by members, guests, & the public. Donations are tax-deductible.  Please contact the Director for membership details:  313.366.7738

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Current Events

'First Sundays' 
UPCOMING: August 7: 9am - 12pm
September 11 (moved to 2nd Sunday due to Labor Day).
Meditation Instruction, group meditation, Dharma talk & organic brunch.

Volunteer Day & Open House
Saturdays:  9am - 3pm (by appointment only)
Give a helping hand and get to know the Zen Center.  Please schedule your time in advance by calling or e-mailing.  

Upcoming Retreats
Working Retreat:  7pm Monday August 8 - 8am Friday August 12.  
Participants attend evening and morning meditation & stay at the Zen Center overnight.  During the day they can leave for work, or stay at the Zen Center, returning again for the evening meditation. 
Cost:  $100 for members; $150 non-members, free for Dharma Students.