An American tradition of Korean Zen.
The Detroit Zen Center is a branch of Sudeok-sa, a 1,300 year-old temple nestled deep into the mountains of South Korea.  Our Abbot and teacher Hwalson Sunim has been a monk for 40 years.  After 18 years of extensive training, he was asked by his master Wondam Sunim to return to America and teach.  He then came back to his hometown - Detroit. 
So the Detroit Zen Center was founded in 1990 as a non-profit organization with the mission "to provide a place for the study and practice of Zen Buddhism through meditation, manual work, and the arts".   As a community of monks, resident and non-resident students, we are also open to the public in various ways.   Sustainability is a core teaching of Buddhism, and our neighborhood provides an excellent environment and challenge to develop such practices.  We operate an organic food business and cafe to support ourselves, support local farms in doing so, and students do carpentry, recycling, composting, whole-foods preparation and the like.

All are welcome to the Detroit Zen Center, whether for simple curiosity or deeper interest.  Visit the Calendar to see the public events, which include meditation instruction for newcomers, Dharma talks, and special events and classes.

While most students live off-site, we have residential options in the form of full-time study and work-exchange.  Please contact us for an application.